Amadou Diallo
Died at Home

Amadou Diallo

New York
February 4, 1999
Amadou Diallo
Amadou Diallo

In the morning of February 4, 1999 four plain clothes police officers: Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward McMellon, and Kenneth Boss shot and killed  23 year old unarmed Amadou Diallo 41 times while he was standing outside a multi family brick building on Soundview ave in the Bronx. Officer Sean Carroll later would claim that they had mistaken Amadou for a rape suspect from a year earlier. The officers shouted to Diallo to show them his hands. Diallo reached into his pocket to pull out his wallet and then attempted to run for safety in his building. Officer Carroll yelled to his other officers that Diallo had a gun, the officers claim that they warned Diallo before opening fire on him but a witness testified that they did not give any warning before firing 41 times, and many of the shots were fired after he had fallen to the ground. 19 out of the 41 shots hit Diallo, who died within minutes.

Amadou Diallo

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