Tanisha Anderson
Died at Home
Mental Illness
Called for Help

Tanisha Anderson

November 13, 2014
Tanisha Anderson
Tanisha Anderson

Tanisha Anderson was 37 when she was killed in front of her home while her daughter and family watched from their window in Cleveland OH. Tanisha suffered from bipolar disorder.

Tanisha Anderson called out for her brother and mother while an officer repeatedly pressed down on her head to get her into the backseat. After several attempts, the officer used a takedown move to force her to the pavement, Joell Anderson said. The officer placed his knee on Tanisha Anderson's back and handcuffed her. She never opened her eyes or spoke another word, her brother said.. At some point, while face down on the pavement, she stopped breathing. She was pronounced dead upon her arrival at the hospital.

The coroner ruled that her death was a homicide.

Tanisha Anderson

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