Willie McCoy

Willie McCoy

February 9, 2019
Willie McCoy
Willie McCoy

Around 10:30 pm February 9, 2019,fell asleepat the drive-thru of a Vallejo, California Taco Bell, in his car, with a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun, while the engine was running and the car in drive.A Taco Bell employee called 911 Six police officers arrivedand activated their bodycams.

The bodycam video and audio, which the police published March 30, 2019, showed that, for several minutes, officers with guns raised conversed next to McCoy's car while he slept.The footage captured an officer saying that McCoy had on his lap a gun with its magazine "half out" such that McCoy would have at most one shot available; although the gun is not visible in the footage.The footage shows that the officers then decided to open the door to retrieve the alleged gun and remove McCoy from the car, but found the door locked and so instead attempted to block McCoy's car in the drive-thru.After some minutes, McCoy scratched his shoulder, though there is no indication he was alert or aware of his surroundings at this time.

According to the bodycam footage and witness footage, officers then yelled at McCoy, through the closed car window, to put his hands up, and fired at him less than three seconds later. The six officers fired 55rounds at McCoy over approximately four seconds,before again telling McCoy to put up his hands.

McCoy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Willie McCoy

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