Patrick Warren Sr.
Called for Help
Mental Illness
Died at Home

Patrick Warren Sr.

January 10, 2021
Patrick Warren Sr.
Patrick Warren Sr.

Patrick Warren Sr. was a 52 year old unarmed black man who suffered from mental health issues in Killeen, Texas. He was a husband, father, and local pastor. Patrick was suffering a mental health crisis for several days, over the course of three days they received help from medical professionals until law enforcement become involved on the third day, January 10, 2021. The day the police became involved he was shot in the chest three time right in front of his family in his own front yard. His family did not call the police they called mental health professionals but the police showed up. The whole situation was recorded on their ring door bell and by a family member.  The officer was let into the house but they quickly asked him to leave the property but the officer refused and just went outside. Patrick then walked outside waving his arms in the air; his family came outside to find the officer tase Patrick and watched him fall to the ground. As his family yelled at the officer “don’t shoot”, “please do not use a gun” the officer fired his first shot, the officer then pointed his gun at Patrick’s wife, Barbara, telling her to get back. He then aims his gun back at Patrick and fired two more shots killing him.

Patrick Warren Sr.

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