Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright

April 11, 2021
Daunte Wright
Daunte Wright

On April 11th 2021 just miles away from where Derek Chauvin trial is taking place, 10 miles from where George Floyd was killed  and just over one year after George Floyd was murdered, 20 year old Daunte Wright was shot and murdered by Minnesota police officer. Daunte was pulled over for having an air freshener hanging in his rear view mirror. In Minnesota it is illegal to have anything hanging from your rear view mirror.

In 2019 Daunte who was a child, smoked a single joint of weed and received a ticket for it, he plead guilty and was charged a $156 fee he was put on a payment plan but he never payed the fee so they opened a warrant for his arrest. When they pulled him over they realized he had an outstanding warrant and when they tried to arrest him he re-entered his car and tried to drive away. A police officer then fired a shot hitting Daunte, the car continued moving for several blocks until hitting another car. His girlfriend and mother to his son was in the car and was injured but Daunte was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police chief said the officer accidentally pulled a gun instead of a taser, he says the shooting appears to be an accidental discharge, but it was no accident. The officer had to to draw her weapon, aim, disable the safety, place her finger on the trigger, and fire. The police officer involved is trained to know  the difference between a gun and a taser, she should be fired immediately and charged with manslaughter.

Daunte Wright

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