Anti-Lynching Postcards

A fundraiser for the United Negro College Fund and NAACP

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$ 13.00 USD

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the idea of children killed by police. This important pack includes Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones, Nicholas Heyward Jr, Phillip Pannell, Clifford Glover, & Emmitt Till. There are 2 cards per child. 16 in total.


$ 12.00 USD

2020 has been a pivotal year. This packet contains 5 George Floyd, 5 Breonna Taylor, and 5 Ahmaud Arbery postcards. 15 total postcards.


Trayvon Martin

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Trayvon Martin. 4"x6"

Phillip Pannell

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Phillip Pannell. 4"x6"

Michael Brown

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Michael Brown. 4"x6"

Ahmaud Arbery

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Ahmaud Arbery. 4"x6"

Breonna Taylor

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Breonna Taylor. 4"x6"

Tamir Rice

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Tamir Rice. 4"x6"

Emmitt Till

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of Emmitt Till. 4"x6"

George Floyd

$ 8.00 USD

10 postcards of George Floyd. 4"x6"

Anti-Lynching Postcards

Lynchings occurred throughout the US. These were public extrajudicial killings of black people. They often had a celebratory feel, the people of the town and sometimes from throughout the state would come to view the killing and to participate. Because these were communal events the participants felt no shame in their individual roles. Many of these events were commemorated by photographers who found that a lucrative business could be had by selling copies of the photographs and postcards of the images.

This was such a common practice that the US government addressed it by amending the Comstock Act that prohibited the mailing of indecent material. This of course did not end the practice of photographing and making postcards of lynchings. It really only caused purchasers to enclose them in envelopes.

Today the extrajudicial killings of black people continues. Often these are at the hands of the police. We do not want to celebrate the killings of these people. Our goal is to highlight and celebrate the lives of those who are lost forever so that their memories remain with us. They should not be forgotten.

As a nation, we honor our freedoms and our right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. We know that these postcards, our anti-lynching postcards will serve you well.

We hope that you will use them to:

  • Write a note to government officials.
  • Inspire others (or you ) to learn more about the individuals and events depicted.
  • Research topics related to racism, disability, gender and more.
  • Learn more about police brutality.

Because we are committed to the end of systemic racism, we will continue to add new designs and encourage you to send them as a part of your activism. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of these cards will go to the United Negro College Fund and to the NAACP,  two of the many organizations also doing this important work.


They will embolden me when I write on them. They serve so many important purposes -- raising funds, empowering writers, sharing history. - Lisa Halverson