Nathaniel Pickett
Mental Illness

Nathaniel Pickett

November 19, 2015
Nathaniel Pickett
Nathaniel Pickett

Nathaniel was 29 and suffered from mental illness. He lived alone in a motel. On Nov 19 officer Kyle Woods saw Nathaniel walking towards the motel. Officer Woods turned his cruiser around and stopped Nathaniel in the motel parking lot.

The officer began asking many questions. Nathaniel answered each one and asked in return what he had done and if he could return to his room. As Nathaniel turned to head to his room officer Woods grabbed him and told him to stop resisting. Nathaniel tripped and attempted to scoot away from Woods who began punching him repeatedly.

At this point Woods pulled out his gun and as he threatened to shoot he fired 2 shots hitting Pickett - once with he barrel of the gun pressed against his chest. One of the bullets pierced his heart and left lung.

Nathaniel was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nathaniel Pickett

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