Daniel Prude
Called for Help
Can't Breathe
Mental Illness

Daniel Prude

New York
March 23, 2020
Daniel Prude
Daniel Prude

After multiple phone calls for help as Daniel suffered a major mental health episode he was stopped by officers. One officer exited his car and approached Prude, pointing a taser at him while asking him six times to get on the ground. Prude complied, and was then asked by the officer to put his hands behind his back, to which he also complied. During the arrest, he said, "Yes, sir" several times to the officer.

Daniel became agitated and officers placed a spit hood on him and restrained him face down on the street. An officer used his body weight and both hands to press Daniel’s head into the pavement.

Daniel said, “You’re trying to kill me”. After Daniel had become non-responsive they held him for an additional 45 seconds.

Medical examiners ruled that Daniel’s death was a homicide as a result of complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.

Daniel Prude

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