Botham Jean
Died at Home

Botham Jean

September 6, 2018
Botham Jean
Botham Jean

Former police officer Amber Guyger, the murderer of Botham Jean, is one of the rare police officers ever convicted of the murder of a black man. She walked into the home of a stranger, a black man named Botham Jean, by mistake. She saw him and shot him.

She claimed she thought she was at her own door. It was late in the evening, and she was on her on her way home from work. She could hear that there was someone inside. Although she had a police radio with her, rather than radio for help or use her cell phone, she opted to open the door (which had failed to lock when Mr. Jean came home) and eliminate “the threat.” Botham was in his home, sitting on his sofa eating ice cream and watching TV when Guyger made the decision to confront him.

Botham Jean was a 26 year old accountant who was born in St. Lucia. He worked for Price Waterhouse Cooper. He was a leader of the choir at his church in St. Lucia. He taught the choir members to read music and organized them into parts, soprano, tenor, alto and bass. He left the island at 19 to attend  Harding College, a christian school in Arkansas. He joined an a cappella group during his time there. During his summers off he would always return to St. Lucia to see his family and to bring fellow students to do volunteer work on the island. This always included work at an orphanage.

Botham Jean is remembered as a kind man of great joy.

Botham Jean

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