Ryan Twyman

Ryan Twyman

Los Angeles
June 6, 2019
Ryan Twyman
Ryan Twyman

Ryan Twyman, 24, was shot and killed, in his car, in the parking lot of his apartment complex on June 6. Twyman was the father of three children. The Sheriff’s Department has acknowledged no firearm was recovered at the scene.

Deputies fired 34 rounds into the vehicle.

The sheriff's department and the LAPD changed their policies in 2005, instructing officers to refrain from shooting at moving vehicles in virtually all circumstances. The LAPD's policy went a step further, explicitly prohibiting shooting at a moving car unless another weapon was present. In 2016, the sheriff's department adopted that policy.

Los Angeles officers shot at Ryan Twyman 34 times. He was one of four they killed that day

The Guardian

Ryan Twyman

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