Andre Maurice Hill

Andre Maurice Hill

December 22, 2020
Andre Maurice Hill
Andre Maurice Hill

On December 22, 2020 the same day Casey Goodson, Jr was being laid to rest. Andre Maurice Hill was shot and killed by officer Adam Coy in Columbus Ohio. At 1:38 a.m a neighbor called in a complaint about someone in a car who kept turning on and off the engine on the street for about 30 minutes.  When officer Coy and another officer arrived they walked up to a garage because it was open and shined a light on Andre he held up his left arm with his phone in his hand and took 4 steps toward the officers.  Officer Coy shot him in less then 10 seconds of seeing him. Neither of the officers offered any aid to Andre. After 15 minutes the medics were finally called  and at 2:25 a.m.: Andre was pronounced dead by physicians at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Andre Maurice Hill

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Andre Maurice Hill