Javier Ambler
Can't Breathe

Javier Ambler

March 28, 2019
Javier Ambler
Javier Ambler

On March 28, 2019, sheriff's deputies tried to stop Ambler after they said that he did not dim his SUV lights to oncoming traffic. Ambler continued driving, leading to a 22-minute chase. After the 22 minute police chase and several minor collisions, the chase ended when Ambler crashed into a tree, on a North Austin Street. Ambler was unarmed and exited his car with his hands raised. According to the police report, Deputy Jason James Johnson, who was accompanied by a film crew of Live PD, told Ambler to "get down" five or six times, and then tased him.[1] Deputy Johnson as well as other deputies have had accusations of excessive use of force before this incident. According to the police report, Ambler partially fell but tried to stand again, and was then tased in the upper back by Deputy Zach Camden.[1] The report stated that Ambler further resisted, and was tased again by Johnson. According to news organizations deputies pinned Ambler down and tased him 3–4 times.

Video evidence released in June 2020 shows that Ambler pleaded with officers that he could not breathe and suffered from congestive heart failure. During the arrest Ambler said "I am not resisting" and "I have congestive heart failure." He called out "please save me" before deputies Johnson and Camden tased him for a final time. Ambler became motionless and unresponsive after officers placed handcuffs on him. During the arrest Deputy Johnson said "give me your hands or I'm going to tase you again," and Deputy Camden said "I'm pretty sure I just broke his finger."

Ambler's death was ruled a homicide, caused by congestive heart failure and hypertensive cardiovascular disease "in combination with excessive forcible restraint"


Javier Ambler

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