Isaiah Lewis
Mental Illness

Isaiah Lewis

April 29, 2019
Isaiah Lewis
Isaiah Lewis

Isaiah was 17-years-old and was scheduled to graduate May 18th.

A girl, claiming to be Isaiah’s girlfriend, ran to a neighbors house with another female friend. That neighbor called 911. The 911 operator heard Kamri say, “My boyfriend just flipped out,” and “I have no idea what is going on.”

Police officers say that they saw Isaiah run behind homes and jumped a few fences. They said the teen wasn’t wearing any clothes with the exception of socks.

Emond police eventually located Isaiah in a nearby house.

The officers said that the  teen viciously attacked them. One officer tased Isaiah and said that his taser didn’t work on the teen. Another officer entered the room and fired several shots at Isaiah.

“The officers knew Isaiah was in crisis, the officers knew he was unarmed and was naked, he could not be grabbing for the weapon,” civil rights attorney Andrew Stroth said during the announcement of the lawsuit.

Isaiah Lewis

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