Herman Whitfield
Can't Breathe
Mental Illness

Herman Whitfield

April 25, 2022
Herman Whitfield
Herman Whitfield

Whitfield, 39, was experiencing a mental heath crisis and died on April 25 after being tased by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers. Body camera footage released last month showed Whitfield yelling “I can’t breathe” repeatedly while being detained by officers.

According to coroner's office, Whitfield’s cause of death is “cardiopulmonary arrest in the setting of law enforcement subdual, prone restraint, and conducted electrical weapon use.” Other contributing factors to Whitfield's death listed on the report were "morbid obesity" and "hypertensive cardiovascular disease."

IMPD announced on Friday that the criminal investigation has been completed and the case has been presented to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office for the consideration of criminal charges. The six officers involved are still working for the department, but are assigned to administrative duties.

Herman Whitfield

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