How My Voice Is Heard

Minted Memorials

an NFT project

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Emmett Till?

Our Minted Museum is about giving to a cause and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We will be donated back to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation. The foundation focuses on turning horrific past events into a brighter future through education, civil and human rights, social and economic justice.


Our hope is to repeat this minting process through a series of collections. We hope to honor the memory of many who have been unjustly killed.

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How My Voice is Heard

Visit How My Voice Is Heard to read the stories and understand the social injustices and the impacts it has on the Black and African-American Community. Contributions from this project go to the Emmett Till Foundation, NAACP, United Negro College Fund,, Black Owned Businesses, and others.


The original Emmett TIll NFT, known by our profile picture, will be at auction starting at 1 ETH. All other NFTs will be equal in value. The attributes will not create a “rareness” aspect, rather the exclusivity of the NFT will be the amount created. We’ve opted to make 2,001 in comparison to 10,000+ that other collections and projects may support. 


Jared Latimer has been known as a sketcher, painter, digital designer, and overall artist. He’s shaken up the corporate sector with his extensive senior design work.

Timothy Reeder is a proud father of two and running development for a few apps. He’s built quite the portfolio of dev work and is perfectly positioned to engineer this Minted Museum. 

Junior Lartey, the think tank, the side projects, the big idea man. Working for a SaaS startup, (who isn’t?), after-hours is running a few projects, and following heavily esport investments.